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Centered CBD began with our clinicians and clients. Center Street Center (CSC) is a certified woman owned small business (WOSB) that helps people manage and understand their emotional and mental well-being. We're always on the cutting edge of research, products and various techniques that can best help our clients.


During the pandemic, many clients asked us for something other than prescription medication ("pharmfree") to help with their anxiety, stress and life's ups and downs. They asked and we delivered - Centered CBD.


CSC partnered with two high quality farms to bring organically grown hemp, infused with specially selected flavors and organic ingredients for our clients and their pets. We believe in Centered CBD's power of energizing our own cannabinoid system and harnessing the emotional, mental and physical effects. 


We hope you enjoy Centered CBD and would love to hear from you! We have a few select products and will expand our line with client and customer expressed interest. | @centered_cbd

CBD Isolate Honey
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