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CBD Alleviates Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

by Tracy E. Hill, Ph.D.

CV Sciences, Inc. is a research-based company out of California that also happens to own and produce CBD products. CV Sciences paired up with University of California, San Diego in conducting clinical trials using CBD and the effect CBD may have on rats nicotine dependence and subsequent withdrawal symptoms. We all know that when you try to quit smoking, people often gain weight, feel anxious, get fidgety and just feel like crap overall.

At Centered CBD™ we also know that CBD can alleviate many negative symptoms that people experience in life. CV Sciences partnered with UCSD to prove the efficacy of this and what they found is great stuff!

In preclinical trials published this summer, nicotine dependent rats experiencing withdrawal symptoms were treated with CBD infused products (not THC). Results demonstrated that the CBD alleviated the rats withdrawal symptoms of increased sensitivity to pain and weight gain. I guess it’s difficult to measure anxiety in a rat, but I would bet Centered CBD™’s best seller CBD Infusion with Ashwagandha that it decreased the rat’s anxiety levels as well.

CBD works with a person’s (or animal) natural endocannabinoid system to increase receptors in our body to work better and more efficiently. In this study, the CBD interacted with the rat’s nicotinic receptors to fill the gap and alleviate symptoms common with nicotine withdrawal.

So what are you waiting for? Quit smoking and try Centered CBD™ today!

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